The Relentless Pursuit of Low-cost Visibility…

SEO Training

If you run a website, or a website is in your future, here are a few “must-knows:”

  • Optimizing a website for search engine visibility is not always included in new website design.
  • Your website may currently be earning only a fraction of the traffic it could be earning with minimal changes.
  • If you do nothing, competitors in your business niche will only drive your rankings lower and lower.

Scott Pierson provides remote and on-site SEO training to learn exactly what to know, what to do, and how to do it – all in understandable terms.

SEO Training Description

Scott’s SEO Workshops examine current search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to increase brand awareness, local web visibility, web traffic, organic rankings, and domain authority.  Understand how SEO works, why some pages rank highly and what to do to move the needle!


Understanding Why Some Pages Rank Highly
SEO Case Study
The Anatomy of a Search Result
Why Sites Don’t Rank. Why Pages Rank.
What Really Moves Page Rankings?
The Importance of Keyword Research
Understanding Keywords and Indexing
Using Adwords’ Keyword Planning Tool
On-Page Optimization – Best Practices
How A Search Result Wins-The-Click
Local SEO vs Organic SEO
Local SEO Infrastructure and “Map Pack” Rankings
Content Marketing: How to Develop Trust and Authority
How to Rank Highly in a Competitive Market
Link Building: Creating Linkable Assets To Raise Domain Authority

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