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Social Media Services

Social Media Services

The Benefits of Social Media: If you could place free roadside billboard ads on an unlimited number of roads used by your target market and magically increase the traffic on those roads, would you do it?

Truth: This is the essence of the benefits of maximizing your social visibility on Social Media, Social News and Tagging Sites, Vertical Social Media Sites, Directories, Profiles, Blogging and Forums.

Claiming your initial brand profile at key social media sites like these is a great brand-building and traffic building tactic. Our approach will help you set up your target-market-specific social media infrastructure and help you become recognized as an active and trusted contributor. After all, you must put something in to receive anything back. Our social media services will help you create a social media content strategy and a daily schedule to bring unique viewpoints, authentic content and valuable sharing posts that will resonate with your target market.

Do you know how your brand is doing across the widest array of social media sites including sites that pertain to: Blogging, Bookmarketing, Business, Community, Entertainment, Fitness, Health, Luxury,  News, Photo, Sports, Travel and Video. Try using the free tool at

Since Google’s Panda update, there is mounting evidence to suggest an increasing weight on ranking signals from social media sources. It has been verified that Google make 2-3 changes in its algorithm every day. So change is constant. Social Media gives friends proof from our peers that something is good. If your friend “liked” it, you trust her judgment and you are more comfortable checking it out. So, social media endorsements like shares, likes, retweets, mentions, and +1s are virtual votes of confidence recommending the things we like. But since these “votes” come from less authoritative sources, they may carry lower weight, but they are still votes and becoming a more and more important piece of the algorithm. These include:

  • Links in Tweets – the power of the link is determined by Google and Bing depending on the authority of the Twitter member via # followers, authority of relevant followers, # of retweets with that link and the # of relevant lists the user is on.  The ratio of followers to followed is a strong signal of authority.
  • Links on Facebook Pages
  • Links on Google+ Profiles and Company Pages
  • Google +1’s

Our social media services are customizable. From the creation of a social blueprint or to-do list for you to execute, to creating a social media infrastructure and generating hundreds of profiles for you, to offering unique content and sharing suggestions, to managing the entire creative and posting process, we can tailor a plan suitable to your situation.

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