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Truth #1: Against established brands, they themselves savvy in search engine optimization, high quantities of high-quality external links remain the number one way to increase rankings on competitive keywords.

Truth #2: Not all links are created equal.

Truth #3: Links should be earned, not bought.

Achieving a Page-1 ranking in a competitive market using highly competitive keywords requires a successful implementation of a Link Building Plan. Inbound marketing is the umbrella term that includes link building and content marketing. It means gaining visibility through all available online channels.

Regardless of the search engines, external links are positive citations of your company and can increase your traffic all by themselves. The reality is that Link building is also a term that reflects your understanding of the importance in demonstrating to search engines that your inbound marketing efforts are achieving a growing visibility. The proprietary algorithms of Google and Bing measure and give weight based on thousands of metrics which determine the ranking order on anything put into a search box. New metrics arrive and new weights are assigned daily. Search engines, Google being the 800-pound gorilla, realize that their success is based on serving up the most correct and relevant results based on someone’s query. They have stated that those algorithmic results should be a real-world reflection and interpretation of excellence in online business.  Everything else being equal, they want first-page results to serve up – awesome – all measured by an automatic measuring system that, in many ways, is also creating a level playing field for today’s new e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Unless you have a very obscure set of keywords that are relevant to your pages, (see Bear Poop on Mars post), external links pointing to your site from authoritative sources is what can differentiate a Page-1 ranking from a Page-5 ranking on competitive keywords. We can help you create a link building infrastructure separated into four areas critical in maximizing trust, relevance, brand recognition, and rankings:

  • Easily-gained links regardless of target market
  • Higher-value links in your target market – These take research, nurturing of relationships and compelling new content.
  • Creative link building campaigns using any number of methods that are so compelling that they attract links automatically (link bait) in your target market.
  • Link opportunities that are gleaned from the competition

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