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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

Truth #1: Many companies have lost considerable money doing pay-per-click advertising because they don’t know how to effectively measure ROI using tools like Google’s Conversion Tracking and Conversion Optimizer to establish a maximum Cost per Acquisition that is below the known profit margins.

While SEO strives to gain traffic to your site without any cost, at least for the clicks, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the abundance of advertising opportunities that can, with even more precision than SEO, result in a profit — and not an unspecific or fuzzy profit, but a perfectly clear positive ROI achieved by managing the actual costs of the advertising spend needed to generate a conversion (sale, sign-up, download, etc.) to be less than the profit/value made from that conversion.

Truth #2: Using contextual targeting, the Google Display Network can automatically put your text, image or video ads on websites where your target market likes to hang out.

Google Adwords

As a Certified Google Adwords Professional, Scott Pierson has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to mastermind your online advertising in conjunction with your SEO efforts – a combination that most specialists feel is a best practice. The more common text ads seen on the top and right sides of Google and Bing search results is a tactic that can put you on page-one tomorrow, but there are many other exciting opportunities today occurring in other interactive mediums! For example, people are watching and checking their mobile phones 126 times a day! YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the planet. Millions each day are seeking entertainment and education on YouTube providing advertising possibilities that are virtually endless. The clicks and conversions are beginning to move into a new realm of knowing who, why and on what device someone viewed your ad while giving you perfect clarity into your investment’s return.

We will guide you through the most relevant advertising opportunities for text, image and video ads, how to use contextual advertising to put you squarely in front of your target market, how to create great ads and how to determine which ones are performing profitably.

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