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SEO Primer

 SEO Primer…

As a teacher of search engine optimization (22,200, high), I’ll take this opportunity to do some instruction on SEO basics (1,600, medium) as I introduce myself and my SEO consulting services (260, medium) company.

In an effort to give you some SEO copywriting tips (70, medium), this SEO Primer (30 searches per month,  repeated as primary keyword for this page) will give you the average number of monthly searches (thanks to Google AdWords (201,000, medium) Keyword Planner (1,000, high)) for each of the researched keywords (in italics) selected to be included within the content on this page. You’ll also see the general competitiveness (low, medium or high) of the keyword. I’ve tried to choose low competitive keywords (90, low) whenever possible because this is a relatively new site with little, but growing…, SEO authority (30, medium).

This page is currently optimized on the primary keyword SEO Primer, which only receives an average of 30 searches per monthIf I changed this to a more voluminous keyword like SEO basics (1,600 medium), I would add SEO Basics to the beginning of the title, include that term in the URL of the page, use it naturally and relevantly within this content and use it within the page’s meta description. It would also help to use it within the alt tag of the image on the page.

Now switching to 3rd person (6,600 low), but the keyword 3rd person is not very relevant to the content on this page so it is unlikely this post will rank highly on that term. If, on the other hand, the term 3rd person SEO, which gets zero searches per month, meant anything to anybody, this page would be seen in those search results.  In fact, it should be seen. Try it! Here’s a link to a Google search on the keyword 3rd person SEO. Drum roll…. Now, if you’re interested, try “SEO Primer.”

The fact that this page is also ranking on 3rd person SEO tells us that while all pages can be “optimized” on one primary keyword, Google, etal will consider the entire content of a page to return a good result to their searching customer especially if the keyword searched for has never before been searched. (Refer to my post on Bear Poop on Mars.)

The point I am trying to make is that you must choose the right keyword for each page of your website. Most of the italicized keywords on this page could have been selected as my primary keyword because they are somewhat relevant to the content. Theoretically, this page could rank for all of them because they are all indexed by Google and the other search engines, but most of them will never see the light of day in the rankings because I’ve only told Google that “SEO Primer” is the keyword I’m trying to rank on. How have I told Google this? I have placed the keyword in all the right places both on the visible page as well as behind the scenes in the meta tags and in the URL. See blog post on On-Page Optimization.

When time permits, I should have a single page of wonderful content devoted to and optimized for each of these keywords because they are all very relevant to the general subject of this website. When they all begin to rank highly, the site would benefit by receiving their cumulative traffic.

Switching to third person

* * *

Scott Pierson is Founder and CEO of The Executive SEO (10, low), a private SEO consultancy (260, medium) based in the Greater New York City area providing SEO guidance (10, low), training and hands-on expertise in creating and executing SEO and Inbound Marketing (6,600, high) game plans.

Scott is a consultant, trainer and SEO blogger (170, medium) on issues relating to Search Optimization. Scott’s most deafening kudos have been in helping company executives:

  • understand  (SEO basics 1,600 medium)
  • understand how SEO works (210, high)
  • develop an SEO blueprint (40, medium) for their company
  • most importantly, create a customized inbound marketing strategy (140, high) to put their company squarely in front of their online target market (10, low)

What is inbound marketing (1,000 medium)?

Inbound Marketing is the marketing function that works toward gaining higher visibility on the web. Higher visibility, alone, is a wonderful thing! Even without search engines it attracts prospective customers to your site, makes it easy for them to find you and gives them plenty of ways to talk about you — not so much through word of mouth (although that’s important), but by creating positive citations across the web (mentions, “likes,” +1s, and the most powerful, external links (320, low) pointing back to your site/page from high-authority, industry/topically-related sites.

The success of your inbound marketing plan is measured by Google, etal (using hundreds of metrics) to assist their organic search rankings on highly competitive keywords (10, low).

The Executive SEO provides SEO services (9,900 high) in the following areas:

  • SEO Site Assessments
  • Content Marketing Strategies (110, high)
  • Custom Inbound Marketing Plans
  • Link Building Strategies (480, medium) (I prefer the phrase Link Earning (10, low))
  • SEO Strategies (390, high) for brand and target market
  • On-Page Optimization (260, high)
  • White Hat SEO (880, high) aka ethical SEO (90, medium)
  • SEO Copywriting (720, high)
  • How to do Keyword Research (590, low)
  • SEO Competitive Analysis (170, high)
  • SEO Analytics (210, high)
  • SEO Training (1,900, high) and Coaching
  • SEM (22,200 low): Pay-Per-Click (5,400 high) aka PPC Advertising (1,300 high)
  • CAN SPAM Compliant Email Marketing Services (3,600, high)
  • Social Media Optimization Services (140, high) and Social Networking Optimization (10, medium)

So, when goal-attainment is not an option… when new and lasting audiences must be captured… when switching on the limelight costs too much… or when the web is not buzzing with what you have to say… this super-diverse innovator knows what to do and is ready to lend a hand.

Scott is available to discuss the unique goals of your business and is open to an arrangement that fits your particular situation. Feel free to give him a call at 203-952-6442 (mobile) or email him at

Thanks for the visit — and, of course, for any shared citations, endorsements or external links on what we’re doing!