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Creating Link Bait

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Creating Link Bait

Creative Link Building Campaigns That Attract Links Automatically within your Target Market

3rd in a series on building a customized link-building infrastructure

In my last post entitled 4 Elements of a Link-Building Infrastructure, I mentioned there are best-practices in creating a customized link-building infrastructure that can be separated into four areas:

Today I offer some tips on how to gain high-value links via campaigns – that house your link – that can attract links (and clicks) automatically.

Link bait is the process of creating content that is so compelling, unique, entertaining and/or relevant that people will want to link to it and share it without being asked. The best links are those you would consider valuable even if there were no search engines because the link itself would be receiving many clicks and you would be receiving much new traffic.

Your best creative minds should have regular meetings to discuss and brainstorm link-baiting ideas. While brainstorming remember there are never any bad ideas! The truest brainstorming allows ideas without worrying about how to create the content.

Ask yourself – what are good concept ideas on a subject that will be compelling to our target market? As you’ll see below there are dozens and dozens of concept areas that can produce excellent content containing your link.

Please let me know other ideas that have worked…

It is important to know that the content found in these types of campaigns are typically not product related. It can be memorable, sexy, unique, humorous or educational, but link bait first and foremost needs to strike a chord within your target market.

Link Bait can take the form of a blog post, an image, an article, a compendium or any number of additional forms such as: (My examples will of course stay on the theme of my luxury athletic gear client.)

  • Top Ten lists

Top 10 Best Runs in the World
Top 10 Sporting Luxury Vacations

  • Guides

What makes the highest quality performance tennis attire?
The Best Multi-sport Adventure Vacations
How to Find Adventure Vacations doing the Sports you Love?

  • Infographics

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics can be easily submitted to infographic directories or blogs. Example:

See examples of infographics here:
An example of a great infographic:

  • Sponsorships

unique-multisport events
luxury golf outings
equestrian events
concours d’élégance, etc.

  • Awards

An annual athletic award in each sport to the athlete who gives back the most. Allow nominations.

  •  Surveys

A unique survey, the results of which would make an excellent news article, such as – Cast your vote for our Top 10 Luxury Fitness Adventures in the World

  • Partnerships

With the right business partner whom you trust, creating cooperative marketing campaigns can produce win-win benefits. A partnership with the right high-end travel company, for example, my client could sponsor a special list of luxury adventure trips. Travelers could receive discounts on adventure attire or other incentives. Remember the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition that came with a not-so-fine Eddie Bauer bag?

  • How to’s and tutorials
  • Humorous Videos
  • Checklists
  • Photo Contests
  • External Contests: If there’s a relevant blogging contest taking place, reach out to the blogger running it and ask you can give a product or service to the winner. They’re likely to give a link on the contest page if you ask.
  • Live or Interactive (something) – Example: Live sporting stats page of the Tour de France:
  • Info-animations – ultra slow motion of Tiger Wood’s golf swing with chalkboard tips appearing throughout the swing
  • Drawings – Idea: Key muscle groups per sport. Example of a drawing that got 15,000 links:
  • Games – Holiday Ideas: Find “DJ!” Discover the location of DJ within your site, be one of the first 50 to click on her and receive a free (whatever) or a 30% immediate discount or a two-for-one…
  • Create reviews

Top 10 resources in your industry. Then send each one an Award Badge to post on their site “Outstanding Company Award” that points back to the review on your site.

  • Cartoons
  • Event Coverage
  • Interviews
  • Expose’s
  • Glossary of terms
  • White papers
  • Quizzes/Tests
  • Timely/Seasonal content

The best Link Bait can result in high-valued Links coming from authoritative news outlets, authoritative bloggers, authoritative industry sites, etc. Encourage Link Bait to spread virally by posting unique versions aggressively within your network of social media sites, blogs, etc. Your campaigns should have a page of their own on your site so when people forward it, it arrives with your URL. With a non-embedded YouTube video, for example, the link takes them to YouTube. Even though it can still have a major branding benefit, nine times out of ten you’d probably rather point the traffic back to your site.

Next up: Link opportunities that are gleaned from your competition


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