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DJ Bennett – think twice – bad business ethics

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DJ Bennett – The Luxury Sporting Goods Company

DJ Bennett, the luxury sporting goods company, does not pay their employees or contractors.DJ Bennett Bad Ethics The company is ruthlessly run by Dawn Bennett who also operates Bennett Group Financial Services in the same building in Cheve Chase, MD. I had the misfortune of accepting a contract with DJBennett to conduct major SEO revisions on over 2,200 product pages. The organic results of that project, measured via Google Analytics over an eight-month period, speak for themselves: – Before & After

3/22/13 – 4/22/13 (one-month prior to start)

  • Organic Site Visitors: 2,820
  • Number of pages ranked in Top 10 of Google SERPS 42
  • Keywords with greater than 5 visits during this time period  64
  • Organic Revenue $5,941

11/26/13 – 12/2613 (after eight-months of on-page optimization)

  • Organic Site Visitors: 12,640 (up 448%)
  • Number of pages ranked in Top 10 of Google SERPS 765 (up 1,820%)
  • Keywords with greater than 5 visits during this time period 156 (up 243%)
  • Organic Revenue $21,560 (up 362%)

Now I am a reasonable guy and understand the challenges for any start-up company, but it was a conversation with Dawn Bennett in January of this year that left me with my head shaking. She invented a lie that I had agreed to reduce my hours during the final phase of the project which justified their reduction of my final invoice by $3,200. How convenient!  Who thinks like this? My attorney stated to me recently that “Dawn Bennett is essentially judgement proof.” The two women who hired me here in CT are not the corporate executives of DJ Bennett they purported to be, but were contractors like me and they too now are owed in excess of $70,000. There is very little corporate information available on DJ Bennett, the sports company, and my attorney now suspects, to my chagrin, that any small claim proceeding in CT will be dismissed and any judgement won in Cheve Chase will prove to be uncollectible. The only thing we have learned so far is that the company owes thousands and thousands to many people. So, I urge you to think twice before giving your patronage to  DJ Bennett com. The website is pretty, but the person running the show is quite contemptible.

Update September 1, 2017: Ex-radio host and financial adviser charged with running a $20M Ponzi scheme ‘used hoodoo spell to thwart SEC investigators’ Article on Daily Mail

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