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Westport Country Playhouse

The Westport Country Playhouse

Revitalized and renovated in 2000, the Westport Country Playhouse serves as a cultural nexus for patrons, artists and students and is a treasured resource for the State of Connecticut.

Take the SEO Westport Challenge Question..

Which of the following SEO categories should be implemented in order to maximize web visibility for the Westport Country Playhouse?

  1. Organic SEO
  2. Local SEO
  3. Link Building
  4. Structured markup
  5. Keyword Research
  6. On-page Optimization

Answer: All of the above

Why? Someone searching in LA is planning a trip to Westport and needs to find them in the organic results, but will only find them if they’ve done the right keyword research to second guess what might be searched for and will only show in the results with excellent on-page optimization. Someone in Westport searches for fun things to do this weekend needs Local results. Someone in CT searches for “things to do in CT this weekend” and would love to see a carousel of images to choose from or someone wants to see Reviews of current plays requires Structured markup. Link building will increase their Domain Authority and help to put them into the top rankings on the most competitive keywords.

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