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The initial flight of the VS-300, September 14, 1939, in Stratford, CT

SEO Stratford…  A typical SEO challenge…

Sikorsky Aircraft is headquartered in Stratford, CT. With Igor Sikorsky at the controls, the initial flight of the VS-300 took place on September 14, 1939, in Stratford, Connecticut. The sign on the rear fuselage reads “VOUGHT-SIKORSKY VS-300, Stratford, Connecticut.”

The VS-300 was America’s first practical helicopter. It pioneered the single-main-rotor concept that became the predominant helicopter configuration throughout the world. The VS-300 influenced early mass-production helicopters and marked the beginning of the world’s rotorcraft industry.

Take the SEO Stratford Challenge Question…

If your job at a new helicopter museum in Stratford, CT was to optimize a page entitled “the history of helicopters,” what keyword would you choose?

  1. helicopter history (260 searches per month in U.S. with low competition)
  2. igor sikorsky (2900 searches per month in U.S. with low competition)
  3. who invented the helicopter (1000 searches per month in U.S. with low competition)
  4. first helicopter (880 searches per month in U.S. with low competition)
  5. VS-300 (260 searches per month in U.S. with low competition)

Keyword Research

At The Executive SEO, we realize that the one element of SEO that remains the most important, and is overlooked the most, is keyword research. Choosing the wrong keyword can result in zero traffic coming to that page from organic search. Choosing the right keyword based on your site’s age, domain authority, competitiveness and relevancy to the page content will eventually present that page highly in the SERPs (search engine results page) and give you a fighting chance to “win the click” over nearby listings.

We pride ourselves in understanding this critical factor and base all of our recommendations on it.

The correct answer…

The correct answer is #1, helicopter history because of its relevancy to the page title. The search engines strive to present results that are perfectly relevant to the searched keyword. In this case, we would also recommend that new pages be created on each of the four other choices to earn that potential traffic.

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