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Rice to Riches, 37 Spring St New York, NY 10012

The question:

Rice to Riches is for rice pudding what Peachwave is for frozen yogurt. The company is attracting thousands of visitors each week to their Spring Street location. They have great reviews on Yelp!


Question: Which of the following keywords should Rice to Riches optimize for?

Hint: Here are the average number of monthly searches for each term.  (searches made within New York City)

  • best dessert nyc 1,300
  • best dessert places in nyc 320
  • desserts nyc 50
  • best desserts in nyc 170
  • best dessert in nyc 170
  • rice to riches 4400

(correct answer on bottom of page)

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Correct answer is All OF THE ABOVE (ONE PER PAGE)

Why? Because Rice to Riches wants to be found on ALL of these terms (and collect ALL the associated traffic) The correct way to do that is to have one page on their website optimized for each of these terms (and many other terms that would be relevant to their business, such as “after dinner in NYC” or “late night in NYC.”

Remember: Websites don’t rank, pages rank!