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 The Best Pizza on the Planet?

Yum! The BEST Pizza in the World! My vote is Modern Apizza | New Haven, CT

It is argued that Hew Haven, Ct is home to the best pizza found on the planet. But does the prize go to Pepe’s, or Sally’s, or Modern Appizza?

Take the SEO New Haven Pizza Challenge

What is the most important SEO component to optimize if you are a pizza restaurant in New Haven, CT (or any other city)?

  • On-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Structured Data
  • Keyword Research
  • External Links

Things to consider:

Let’s say a family in San Francisco is planning a trip to New Haven to see the campus at Yale. They’ve heard that New Haven is famous for its pizza and search the web for “best pizza in New Haven.” What will they see in the results? Chances are low they will see Pepe’s or Modern’s website. Try it. Search on “best pizza + (city far away from you). And what if you are searching in New Haven? The search results you will see in either case is predominantly the result of Local SEO best practices.

So Local SEO is the best answer. Note that ALL are still important.

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