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SEO Hartford

Lovely Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, CT Insurance Capital of the World

Rightfully known as the Insurance Capital of the World!

The Hartford Fire Insurance Company, now simply Hartford Insurance, began in 1810. With Travelers and Aetna soon to follow, Insurance was becoming its own industry and Hartford CT emerged as its capital. Today, Hartford and the surrounding Connecticut Valley is home to Cigna and MetLife and a host of other large insurance companies. For over 200 years, the Insurance Industry has been the largest employer for Connecticut residents.

Takes the SEO Hartford Challenge!

What is the best search engine marketing strategy for the largest insurance headquarters to implement? Hint: Organic and Local SEO rankings in towns across America will be dominated by small “Independent Agents” with locations in those towns. Plus the largest HQs will want their small independent agents to rank higher in the organic results because they are the face to face sales agent.

Answer: Pay Per Click Advertising mainly for branding or to direct them to “find an agent” pages.

 Why The Executive SEO?

At The Executive SEO, we get it.  We are a great fit for companies that are as interested in learning about what we do as they are in optimizing their online visibility. Our small, boutique-style, agency offers best-practices and individualized services in Local SEO, Organic SEO, On-page Optimization, Keyword Research, SEO Copywriting, Google Adwords Advertising and Social Media “followership.”

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