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Advanced SEO Services by Scott Pierson

advanced SEOHello, The Executive SEO is my full-service SEO consulting firm. I offer Advanced SEO Services face-to-face in MA and CT. Remotely, I have clients all over the U.S. and one in Austrailia.

Who I Work With

My clients are large and small companies that need to maximize their website’s visibility in order to gain more relevant traffic.  In addition to my direct clients, much of my work is as a sub-contractor for large advertising firms, web developers, and interactive agencies.

What I Do

I am an expert in all eight of the SEO components that make up the advanced SEO umbrella of current best-practices. These range from simple on-page analysis and optimizations to in-depth technical site audits, national competitive analyses, extensive keyword research, link-building research, and missing visibility research. My audits tell clients the current realities they face and the current opportunities for improving their overall search presence.

I also conduct SEO Training Workshops that examine current advanced SEO best practices, how to increase brand awareness and local web visibility, what impacts organic rankings and domain authority, and why some pages rank highly and what to do to move the needle.

What Makes Me Unique?

  • My key differentiator is that I can either train your company in SEO best practices or do the work for you. Or a bit of both…
  • I work alone and do not outsource resources.
  • For ongoing knowledge updates, I rely heavily on Moz.
  • I am exclusively “white hat” and adhere to Google’s published SEO guidelines.
  • My SEO expertise includes both Local SEO and Organic SEO.
  • No advanced SEO firm worth its salt can guaranty 1st-page rankings on competitive keywords. I am confident, however, that the techniques I implement will greatly improve your search engine visibility.

Initial SEO Assessment

  • An initial assessment will prepare the right approach for your SEO game plan. The findings will dictate the reality of what you are up against and set a realistic stage for implementing or correcting any of the following:
    • On-page Optimization
      • technical errors
      • keyword research (The #1 most omitted part of SEO. Can increase opportunities to rank (placements) on many different keywords.)
      • improving your content (SEO Copywriting)
      • optimizing meta tags and URLs for each page
      • page content formatting
      • city pages
    • Link-building to increase your Domain Authority (This metric, and others like it, are the #1 ranking determinant when competitors are vying for high rankings on competitive keywords.)
    • Local Search
      • Achieving placements in local “map packs” in your company categories
      • Profile placement and claiming process
      • Google My Business and Google+ integration
      • Google+ Business Pages
      • Other Social Media Business Pages
    • Structured Data
      • adding microdata to pages and posts for Google rich snippets, events, authorship, products, etc.

Just Beginning Your Website?

Fantastic! The #1 most overlooked component in website design is SEO. It should not be an afterthought!  I will understand your business goals, target markets and search opportunities to develop an advanced SEO Sitemap to provide to your developer. This will ensure that you come out of the shoot fully optimized and ready to work your way up in the rankings on all of your most relevant keywords/topics. (Understanding this last sentence will provide a big edge for you going forward.)


I pride myself on my transparency and desire to enlighten clients every step of the way in an effort to earn and keep your business. I provide an open level of transparency – even to the point of tutoring your assigned employee or intern along the way.

Please contact me for an initial consultation at no charge. or call  203-952-6442


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